I have a client with about 200 WS that have been running fine on ZfD 7
on a NetWare server. They want to move to ZCM 10 and we would like to
put it on a Dual Processor, Quad core Dell PowerEdge 1950 w 8 GB of
RAM. I would like to run XEN on the server then put up a NetWare Guest
as well as a ZCM 10 server guest.

They mainly use ZfD for Application deployment, inventory and some
imaging (always attended or manual; not PXE). There are very few
policies - just the Import, export, Inventory and an iPrint policy

My questions are:

1. Are there problems with ZCM running on XEN either on a Windows 2003
server guest or a SLES 10 SP1 guest?

2. Is performance better on Windows or on SLES?

3. Compared to ZfD 7 running on NetWare (with other processes such as
file and print running as well) how resource intensive is ZCM 10
running on Windows or SLES?

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.