Has anyone any information on renaming NDS users / XP Local Profiles /AD accounts?
We are merging AD and NDS accounts together because of MS Exchange and have names which do not follow the same convention. We must rename users in NDS to match AD accounts. When we rename a user in NDS and re-logon to the XP Workstation, a new local profile is created. All the info in the previous profile is not unavailable to the user. DLU (zen7) or MS better stated, creates a new user account.

If we rename the XP user account in advance as well as the folder in Docs and Properties, a new local user account is still created with the name user.domain or user.wsname.

How do you rename an NDS user and keep the the match to the XP local account using DLU with the proper new name in all cases?

We're trying our best to accomodate AD without giving in to all the Microsoft idiosyncracies. Any help would be greatly appreciated.