I have novell 6.5sp6 and Zfd 7 sp1.

I have created a user-package and I have done some settings under GPO.
Then I have created a directory under my server : \\my_server\vol1\GPO
(is not under \\my_server\sys) that I have insert into filed "manage group policy" by ConsoleOne.
Every time I created a user I must insert it into my user-package and I must also remember to give it the rights on this directory.

I have noticed this problem:

I have forget only to give the permissions R+F for a user and I have noticed the policy weren't apply.
SO I have added the rights for this user on the directory
\\my_server\vol1\GPO but also after the reboot the pc the policy weren't applied.

it seems that if I fotget to assign the rights before the user is created , the policy wiil not apply.
I must delete the user and then after reboot and re-login , the user will user the correct policy.

Excuse me my poor english ,i'm italian.

Please can someone help me?