Well, first off you must know that I have my little portable heater on,
while it's a beautiful 71F outside. I'm chilly due to a range of assorted
anti-histamines and other prescriptions running through me at the moment.

Second, I've gone through 3 boxes of tissues today. And I get to continue
to do so for at least 2-3 more months.

Why? Because apparently with all the havoc on my sinuses in January, and
the major flareup at BrainShare, my nose has decided that it needs to
control the mucous flows more appropriately and has promptly put 2 major
"nose blocks" in place - 1 in each nostril. Unfortunately, due to the
Michigan economy, many specialists have left the building and there's only
a few ENT's taking new patients. 24 days before I get to see an ENT, at
which time he can request a CAT Scan (which he already wants but the HMO
will refuse to pay for if he books it BEFORE he sees me - go figure!).
Then it's 2 weeks wait (minimum) for the CAT Scan appointment, another 2
weeks for results, then he has to consult with the sleep doc, and after
that it's another 2-3 weeks before surgery can be scheduled.

I just feel OH-SO-SPECIAL at the moment.