Things have been fine and then today we lost contact with the slave
server. Normally I can connect to the slave via rconip. When this did
not work I had them reboot the remote router.

I could get connected in. Server had never gone down but I cannot not
get them passing traffic again. When the slave initiates a call the
master sees the call. When the master initiates a call the slave does
not see it.

I have gone through and checked things to make sure:
Made sure host only had IP and server name.
Exmaple: server1
checked Protocols IPX enabled and set to forward. IP enabled, set to
forward rip off. Under lan static routers the VPN routes are published.

Under the bindings the publics are set to nat dymanic.

On the slave I can see it listening on port 213. I see UPD 2010 on both
sides. I have tried it unloading ipflt and unload ipxflt.

In console monitor on the master traffic going in and out on the VPN
tunnel. On the slave its sending but not receiving. Not sure what else I
should be checking. It seems like its setup right but then again the
callmgr behavior is not correct.

CSAUDIT shows calls being initiated and keys being computed. I don't see
any errors errors except for the master cannot send configuration info
from master to slave.

Master is BM 3.8 sp5 NetWare 6.0 sp5 with some after patches. Slave is
BM 3.7 sp3 NetWare 6.0 sp5.