We have just upgraded our HP Proliant server from NW65 SP5 to SP7 and
applied post WSOCK, TCP and NSS patches.

All looks ok unless we try to copy a large number of files from one
directory to another on the server using a connected workstation running
4.91 SP4 client. All goes well for a few minutes of copy then all of a
sudden all mapped drives disconnect. The server can still be ping and the
Rconj session to the server continues to run. The servers shows no errors,
no high util or no errors on LAN card. Prior to SP7 we did not have this

If we try to login again the Tree cannot be found. However 3-4 mins later
the tree is available again and we can login. If we don't do a large copy
then we do not drop out.

Any ideas what can be altered to correct this? The LAN card uses the B57
V10.4 driver.


Kind Regards,
Dale Bentley
Network Help