I posted this in the install/upg and the cluster forum, but no solution. If anyone here has a clue I appreciate a response ASAP.

I was in the process of upgrading a 60sp5 cluster node that loads iprint volume that has nss transaction enabled -
Per wiki, TID 3463889 says to disable transaction and delete uxaction.log before activating again. I couldn't get to the log to delete it when the volume was deactivated and when activated it's in use and can't delete it.
Also, before the upgrade, I tried changing the load cluster script to NSS /NOTRANSACTION=PRINT, unloaded and reloaded it , but when loaded again, i did nss /volumes and PRINT displayed with "user transaction" (even with notransaction in the load script) and I still couldn't delete the log....

So i had to take the iprint resource offline to continue the scheduled server upg.
Any clue how i can delete this log so i can load the resource, now that both cluster nodes have been upgraded to 65sp6?? Per TID, server might abend or print may not load properly if log is not deleted.

Please advise, I'm wating for your response.
Thanx many.