Not sure where to put this thread - Adding the Helpdesk to the administrators. I am just adding the specified rights which I want them to have: remote control, adding users to ZENworks groups, so on. I give them user rights to modify zenworks group membership to the root of the domain and ZENworks User Group Rights with modify zenworks group membership. When I goto a user in ZCC to add a group the add and remove button on the right side are not there. Also, everything is grayed out on the right panel. I can add the user using the add to user group on the left panel. On a test I gave them every right I could add except Super Administrator and it was still not there. Only after giving them Super Administrator rights the add button came up. I was just wondering if this was a known problem and if there was anything I was missing. They do have the ability to add users so not as critical but would still like to get working.