We are looking to get ZenWorks Imaging up and running. It has been installed into our lab on a NetWare 6.5 Server and all the components including PXE seem to be working OK there.

My problem starts when I try to take a manual image. Following the instructions in the Admin Guide section 60.1.2 it says to boot the workstation using PXe (among other options) and then says to enter manual at the boot prompt. Well, I never get a boot prompt as far as I can tell.

Once the workstation boots I see the PXE boot sequence start to happen by getting an IP from the DHCP server. Then a prompt to press F8 displays for about 1 second. If I manage to hit F8 in time I get two options, namely ZenWorks Boot or Local Boot. Zenworks boot is the default. If selected this looks for imaging work to do and then goes into the local boot sequence as the workstation is brand new and not in eDir so there is no way there can be imaging work to do.

I don't get any other options. And it seems that the PXE menu being displayed is not the default though I have no idea where it is coming from as we have not edited the PXE menu at all.

Any assistance would be much appreciated.


Stuart Kett