Recently (about a week ago) I upgraded a couple of our NW6.5sp5 servers
to SP7 (and eDir, I know... that was pulled recently) one of
which is the default DHCP and DNS server for one of our locations (the
other location's dhcp/dns server hasn't been updated yet.)

on Friday morning, we had a call about not being able to print to one
of our printers, we also were not able to ping using FQDN, but could
using WINS. Checking the configuration of the printer (an HP4050)
showed that it was showing its current hostname as being its IP address
(not the default NPI + end of mac address as is normal.) so, our DNS
also didn't show the normal printer name assigned to an IP address.
DHCP console showed the name associated with the IP as being the IP

Friday afternoon we had the same problem with an HP5100 in our other
location, which was NOT updated to either sp7 or eDir8.7.3.10 and its
DNS/DHCP server is also authoratative and the default DHCP for its zone.

Is this related to the eDir8.7.3.10 update? the sp7 update?
we had never had this problem occur before, we have dozens of HP

Our current solution was to change the hostname on the printer, save
the change, then try and set it to manual network settings. it
immediately reverts back to DHCP during the save, but at least it is
setting the hostname properly in DHCP console and updating DNS so users
can continue to print.