As I was out of the office at the time, a collegue and a "consultant"
carried out a server upgrade without me.

I have come back, and our GroupWise webaccess will not work, because Tomcat
will not load.

I am unsure of where or what went wrong, but basically it should of been a
straight forward migration to new hardware (same server name, ip, data,
everything), but they couldn't get webaccess to load, and they left it for
me to sort out :-(

I have asked my collegue, they supposably followed this tip...

"What I have done in the past to fix this is the following...
Remove all ldap, pki, sas, and other security related objects from NDS (only
for the bad server)... Delete the Tomcat, apache, and admsrv folders from
SYS (Or rename them). Remove all product records in NWCONFIG that relate
to above items.
Make sure that you go in DSBROWSE and that NO [deleted] objects still exist.
Force the janitor process or wait overnight to get rid of everything. Make
sure that all servers with replicas have no [deleted] objects.
Then go into the GUI and INSTALL, then browse to the root of the CD1 for the
script file that is there. Load that up and clear everything. Then tick the
first one on the list (apache/tomcat i believe). If there are any others
relating to ldap or certificates, tick those too. You probably also want to
tick iManager.
Then just step through it and it pretty much takes your server and
reinstalls it, but the pieces needed (LDAP) to correctly load Tomcat are put
down and configured correctly.
I spent a lot of time on this exact problem with several NW6.5 servers when
it first came out and this process is the only way I could find to get past
those errors. Note that I had very good luck doing this on NW6.5 (No SP),
but am not sure about the SP1."

I am not sure how much of that they followed, but the LDAP objects in the
servers org unit were missing so I had to create those (the Group and Server
objects), but loading tomcat4 still doesn't work, the error is referring to
LDAP not being secure - not listening on 636.

I have followed TID 10087091 but the .keystore is not there, nor is it being