I have read every posting about QuickFinder Server in the forum, and I'm still struggling to understand exactly what to put in the Corresponding URL prefix: space.

The indexes are created without a problem. A search will find hits in the index, but when I click on the links, I get results that I don't expect.

I have tried file://, file///, and even file://///. And I've tried a mapped drive, which has given the best results.

When I index with file:/// (three of them) and do a search, when I click on a hit, the program goes nowhere and doesn't show me anything - not even an error message.

When I index with file:// (two of them) or file:///// (five of them) and do a search, when I click on the hit, I get an error message that says Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage.

When I put in a mapped drive, I get various results. If the file happens to belong to an application on my PC, then the file will be opened - most times.

The virtual server is on a Linux box indexing remote NetWare 6.5 NCP servers on the same subnet.

Is the URL related to the NCP server, or to the Linux server?

I am confused.

Thanks in advance.