Whenever I add a virtual host to OES2-linux Apache2, I get really strange problems. I used to add them using the YAST interface, but I would get duplicate entries, and neither of them would work, so now I edit the conf files manually. I added three .conf files to the vhosts directory (they are automatically loaded when apache2 is loaded). and after adding the NameVirtualHost *.80 command to the default-server.conf file, all the virtual hosts are working great except for the default server. Before I added the virtual hosts, I could access the server's welcome page or iManager with the IP address, but now I cannot. When ever I type in the server's IP address, it sends me to the first virtual server listed. If I click on the bookmark for either the welcome page or iManager, it gives me an error message about an unrecognized command was returned from the server. I added the IP address of the server as a virtual host and listed it first, but the errors are the same.

What else can I do? What am I missing?

Thanks in advance!