I am not sur ethis is the right form but I am sure you will send me in
the right direction if not.

We currently run 2 5 node clusters on netware 6.5 sp7 and are looking
ot migrate to OES 2.

We currently use Caminosoft HSM solution for archiveing files off to
cheaper storage.

We are looking to migrate the clusters to OES 2 and so need to find an
alternative to the Caminosoft HSM solution.

I have looked at the Archive facility in OES and think it will do the
job very nicely for us.

So to migrate from one to another I need to have both Archive forms
running on all the netware nodes in the cluster. and then tell the
Novell Arch manager to migrate files to the new hardware. Which will in
effect unarchive all the CHSM stuff and then we can turn off these
agents and migrate to OES.

If you configure the archive facility on a volume that has CHSM running
will I be able to tell the Archive manager to unarchive (Move) the
files to the cheaper storage?