Good afternoon all
I am currently trying to set up Zenworks on a purely Windows environment. I have got AD set up on a 2003 server alongside eDirectory and I have Identity Manager syncronising the user accounts between the 2. I also have Zenworks running and importing workstations etc but I have run into a problem when trying to distribute applications out to the workstations (XP Pro, SP2) as when I try to launch the jobs if they are set to run as secure or non-secure system user I get an access denied error, but if I change it to run as Normal, attempts to install but we do not allow our users Admin rights so the install fails. All our Group Policies run from the AD so I am not able to modify them from a Zenworks Policy.

Does anyone know of any hints/ tips/ solutions to this as I would love to be able to get it running and I think this is the last thing standing in my way