I am trying to get the most recent Linux GMS 2.0.3 version working with our GroupWise system. I am trying to sync GMS with a single POA (v. 7.0.2 HP1) running on a Net ware 6.5 SP7 server.

I have successfully setup the POA and GMS to connect using SOAP over SSL. The SOAP connection works fine. However, when new items are received in the GroupWise Mailbox (does not matter what type) they do not get transferred to the GMS server. Instead the POA will record the following error under diagnostic logging:

14:42:14 1EA Error with GWEvent notification [8925]
14:42:14 1EA GWEvent: FolderItemAdd id: 480CA7C6.chapin.chapin.100.1353073.1.3A.1 user: zzhu: key: IGWL0xae68d59d246d2361430d50e640194888

I can send mail and create appointments through the GMS genweb interface without problems.

I am setting up these GMS accounts using the genweb interface as I do not have a smartphone to test with. Theoretically this should not be an issue I hope.

What I have tried.

Restarted the POA and GMS server number of times.
Created a new test user in GroupWise. New test user experienced the same problems.
The GMS accounts will update after the GMS server is restarted and after I guess the SOAP timed updates (reported as every 4 hours).
On the Linux server I have monitored both the SOAP tcp port 7191 and port 8191 using tcpdump. I can see activity on port 7191 but never any activity on port 8191 on the GMS linux server.
There is no firewall between the two servers and I can successfully telnet to the 8191 port on the Linux server.

It looks as if POA can't find the Linux server for some reason. Any suggestions would be extremely appreciated.

Roger Palmer
Chapin Hall Center
at the University of Chicago