I just noticed a minor issue with my NetWare 6.5 SP6 cluster status view. It's a 4 node cluster. I deleted 2 virtual servers and the associated volumes and pools a few weeks ago and everything was fine.

Today I happened to run the CLUSTER STATUS command on one of the node's consoles. CLUSTER STATUS says that the 2 virtual servers I deleted are comatose.

If I look with ConsoleOne v1.3.6.f, I don't see any comatose resources. If I look with NRM (server portal of node), this also says that all resources are running; nothing is comatose.

Only iManager v2.6.0 and the server console command CLUSTER STATUS show comatose resources; NRM and ConsoleOne v1.3.6f both show that everything is proper.

What would cause this discrepancy?

Tony J.
Brown University