We have a new switch network and a new VLAN, which we've setup PXE on a
NetWare 6.5 box. IP Helper commands were added to the VLAN and PXE is
working. We get an IP Address on the clients, which I can ping the Imaging
Server and get reply's from the Client's IP Address. So basic networking is

My problem is that when I type the following command on the client, the
Image server times out and never sends any data:

img rp //

Also, the image server does not show any requests or images sent. The counts
stay at zero. I don't have any firewalls blocking traffic between the two
networks. Do you have any suggestions for me, and what might be preventing
the Image Server from sending data between VLAN's? I've used VLAN's and
imaging in the past with success, so I know it can be done. But I've missed
some step in creating the proper environment.