This configuration:

SRV(local FTP)------BRD--ISP0----INTERNET-----ISP1----WS(xp prof)

Between WS and ISP1 connection speed = 512 Kb/sec
between BRD and ISP0 connection speed = 256 Kb/sec
(download speed BRD<---<---(ftp-ISP0) =28K/sec ).
(download speed BRD<---<---(local FTP) =10M/sec )
(this tests was from the bash from the server Nw65SP7+BM39sp1 console )

WS connected to the BRD (BM39SP1) and download over VPN from the "local FTP"
and this speed <=10K/sec....:( very slowly....)..

Any sugesstion, please.