Hello everyone :)

Here's the quick run-down...

I went from a server that had Netware 6.5 SP2 on it and GroupWise 6.5 SP4.
Backups ran great with the exception of the server eventually getting cache
memory allocation errors and needing constant reboots.

So...it became a convenient time to update the server service packs for
Netware and GroupWise.

I currently have GroupWise and Netware both on SP7.

Problem is that it won't see my GroupWise System anymore in BackupExec
version 9.2 and it saw it just fine before.

I used to use GWTSA on it with no problems at all and could select the
GroupWise system and all its components in BE. Now, nothing shows.

I then tried using TSAFSGW after making sure that EnableGW=true was present
for TSAFS and it won't allow BE to see the GW System either.

I'll also add that when I attempt to run TSAFSGW.NCF with my home switches,
it loads and says OK in the logger screen but if I do a modules check for
it, it's not loaded. So...I can reload it over and over and over and get
the OK - and it never tells me that it's unloading, but it just doesn't

I'm using TSAFSGW version 6.05.07 and GWTSA 6.05.07...any thoughts?