Been using ZAM for a little while now, and I have some questions on how to do some tasks....

1) We have staff laptops in the school, where by the staff member owns the laptop - not the school - and the school installs software Such as Antivirus software, Office and Filemaker on them for the staff to used whilst they are working at the school.

So what I would like is for us to be able to add only the software WE install on the laptop for the user, nothing more.

Is there a way we can set up a collector we can use via USB which will only look for certain programs?? That is, just a list of programs we request to know about??

2) How do we add our own programs to ZAM? We have some computers that use the Promethean Interactive Whiteboards, and we would like to know where it is installed, and more importantly, what type of usage it is getting. The software is not being detected by the cleint on the PC.

How do we add a program so that ZAM detects it and reports the details back to the collection server?