We have upgraded our ZenWorks server from 3.2.sp3 to 7sp1
I'm struggling to find a way to deploy the ZDM7 Agent to Novell Client32 4.83 and 4.9x workstations without a hitch. I've tried the following:

1a) Creating a Zen package as directed in the Novell manual, whereby using the agent MSI file. The 4.9x clients call upon a server-side copy of NAL via login script (if there's no local copy of the Zen7 agent, it triggers the server-side NALDESK.EXE (because the 4.9x builds don't have pre-existing Zen files), which is the only NAL app that seems to work....nalexpld.exe doesnt seem to do anything). This triggers the Zen7agent package to run, but usually chokes with a D013 error...

2) Created a snAppShot installation. This runs, but when it attempts to enter in the registry keys it chokes with a D016 error. Telling the snAppShot app to run as a Secure User, or as the local user (our users tend to have local workstation admin rights) doesn't fix this issue.

I suppose a button presser script could run in tandem with the Zen Agent install, but I'm looking for a more fluid automatic installation. I thought perhaps the Zen Agent Installer utility would work, but it's only for Window Domans (man that would have been sweet if it was implemented for Netware environments...)

Can anyone provide some insight?