Hello All.

I posted a question about this a few months ago in the ZDM 7.x Applications
forum, but I never got much of an answer. One person responded and said
he/she has the same issue I'm having.

Here's what we're trying to do: We're trying to make a full-desktop
terminal-server solution. We had it going perfectly a few years ago, when
we were running Zen 6.5. Now, I'm really struggling to get the Zen Agent
working properly. I've tried several different installations of Windows
2003, different versions of the Zen agent, and I'm still clueless on how to
get this to work. Here's what we're loading, in order: Windows 2003 Server
Standard SP2. Microsoft Patches up to the current date. Novell Client.
Zen Agent. I register the Zen Agent manually (EVERYTHING is done after
"change user /install").

If I login as an administrative user to this server, I get all my
workstation associated applications, as the "workstation helper" service
runs. If I login as any other limited user while keeping the admin user
logged in, they get all the workstation associated apps, as the workstation
helper is still running. Log the admin user out, and the workstation helper
stops for all other users that are logged in and the workstation associated
apps go away. If I don't have it logged in as an administrative user and I
login as a general user, no workstation associated apps show up and the
workstation helper says it's not running.

I've searched every newsgroup I could find, Novell support, looked through
all the NAL debug information. Nothing stands out.

Any suggestions?