I do not know, how many are testing the stuff - however, I did, and found the following, while testing an Upgrade

a) SLES 10 RC2 works great
b) OES 2 SP2 BETA does have its problems, I found

1) nwraid.ko is not correctly loaded - saying there are Uknown symbols in the Modules
2) AdminFS Module (part of NSS) is not correctly installed trough yast. It always asks for the bigSMP Version, which is not used. Altough, even if you change over, it will deny to install. However, if it is updated manualy trough RPM -slep, it will not load, no mather which Kernel Version is used.

So - if maybe a developer reads this...this might be a case to look at.

PS - I ReInstalled all packages, without any succes
PS - What does this SP2 Marker Package, I was not able to read anything about it, nor was I ever able to install it?

I will continue testing - if anyone is intrested - or wants me to report to another site/mail Address - pls let me know where to.