I have a directory I want to copy to workstations. I have set it up as an application in Zenworks which works when I assign it to me as a user, but I want it assigned to workstations. When I assign it to a workstation and then go to that worksation to install it manually via the application explorer I get the following errror (as copied from error log)

3:58:48 PM","user.ou.tree","workstation.ou.tree","10.65.44 .97","CEI 7-2-1.CEI PACKAGES.APPS.ZEN.ADM.GISD.GISD_TREE","3B2631CB-201D-4D08-AB7D-77050BF057A2","2","Could not configure workstation for application [CEI 7-2-1.CEI PACKAGES.APPS.ZEN.ADM.GISD.GISD_TREE] (id=53272).","Problem: Unable to copy file [\\server\apps\CEI\Williams\721client\CEI\CLM\*.*]. (D018)","\\server\apps\CEI\Williams\721client\CEI\ CLM\*.*","","","","","786560"

The workstation is a member of a workstation group which has read and filescan access to the \\server\apps\CEI\Williams\721client folder which is on a Netware server. I tried giving that group full access but that didn't help. Also tried assigning the rights to the workstation itself but the error persisted.

All users have read&execute access to the C:\NALCache folder on the workstations.

In consoleone on the app object properties under Run Options -> environment I have it set to run as secure system user.

Our workstations have Zenworks

It would really be better for me if I can send this package out to my workstations and not via a user. Any ideas?