We have no 802.1x infrastructure, no RADIUS, no accordingly configured switches.

After having installed XP SP3 german RTM (final Build 5512) Novell login scripts will only run if 802.1x in XP is disabled. With XP SP2 802.1x can be enabled (which is the default) and will not hurt, Novell login scripts work fine.

Also NAL (latest 7.x) sometimes will not go online and sometimes will go online but fails to process all application objects if 802.1x is enabled in XP SP3. As soon as 802.1x in XP SP3 is disabled NAL works just fine. With XP SP2 it doesn't matter if 802.1x is enabled or not. NAL works fine.

Both with the mentioned post-4.91 SP4 802.1x Beta Patch installed and not installed.

I know that 802.1x support has been considerably enhanced in XP SP3, it seems that Client 4.91 SP4 and subsequently latest NAL 7.x have some troubles with this new behaviour.

Any suggestions?
Disabling 802.1x in XP by Script is pretty tricky, I will be working on it tomorrow but I hope there is a different solution.