GMS 203 Win
NW 6.5.7
GW 7.0.3

I installed GMS fine, but syncing was hardly ever working. Looking at the PO
it was complaining about GW Event errors 8908 and an IP address of

I found that the GMS server which I thought was on actually had
that set as a secondary IP and as a secondary address.


I removed the 192.... address but the PO still complained. ( No Sync ).
I removed GMS and re-isntalled ... Still complaints about the 192 address (
No Sync ).
I followed the instructions to completely Banish GMS ( including the DB )
and the PO Still complains about the old IP ( No Sync ).

I am assuming the non synchronisation is due to the PO trying to respond to
the wrong address, but where on earth is it getting the address from????

I am considering an install on linux instead as I have heard that this is
better? And my webaccess runs on a linux machine anyway.