We have concurent logins set in out user templete to 2. This is causing an issue because we have students login off on NW 65 SP6 servers, but the login does not sem to reset itself. When they go to other labs, they get a too many logins for their accounts.
I tried to change this to 3 or 4 by highlighting all the user and chossing properties of multiple objects. However the concurrent login is grayed out.
Then i try to set it on the containor level. This did not take.
then I tried to set it on the user templete, i thought that was suppose to update the users, did not work.
Does anyone know a way i can set this higher on 1500+users at 1 time?
Is there a way to tell netware to logout after a few minutes? Is this watchdog? If so how do i set it?