Hello everyone,
I am using ZENworks since 8 years right now, and I love it, but now I have a stupid little problem I can't handle with.
2 Weeks ago we have updated from ZEN 6.5 to ZEN 7 SP1, everything looked fine but Imaging won't work correct ony more.

Our 6.5 imaging was like this: One Base Image XP SP2 with sysprep, boot via pxe, new maschines were first edited with "zisedit" to put the computername in it, "img auto", sysprep & ziswin.exe change the name correctly, workstation import - all fine.

Re-Imaging works just automatically, just the flag to the ws-object - all fine.

Now, with ZEN 7, if I want to reimage a maschine, the image-save data is blown away AFTER the imaging and a now sysprep generated ws-name is used.I noticed this by booting via pxe - maintainance mode - zisview (all zisd was there), and after the imaging - zisview, and zisd was completely empty.

I've messed arround with all versions of ziswin.exe, no result.

Thx for you patience and sorry for the bad english, I hope anyone can help me out of this,
Greez from Austria,