Has anyone seen this?
I have one user who got a new phone via Sprint (Ace), still running WM5, but it is the first one that has an updated Outlook client.

We always install Intellisync via PC and this has always worked fine for all phones. However, when this user installs, it installs fine, but he then cannot originate an email without having POP3 or MAPI settings setup.

Also, if he replies to any email messages from his phone, all his previously sent items (from his Outbox) get re-sent to the recipients. This occurs only when sending from his phone, not his GWise mailbox.

Additionally, if I view his activity log from the mobile webpage after he originates an email from his phone, it gives this error: Unexpected failure detected: ServerException.
and says that it transferred the original one email just fine.

Any ideas would be appreciated. Could there be a patch I need to apply to this server/client for the latest Outlook version?