I have an experience today. I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area here in Texas and I had an interview today with Robert Half Technology. I was interviewing for a small GroupWise consulting project.

The assestment test for GroupWise was based on 5.x. The kicker is that I started administering GroupWise 6.x systems. WOW, GWIA was called something else in 5.x, I missed that question. Strange is that I know I missed a bunch of those questions but I scored in the higher precentile; giving me a rating of advanced.

The other thing is that, remember, I live in Texas, so the recruiter being helpful suggested that I either start learning more about Windows/AD/Exchange or move out of Texas because NetWare/GroupWise is dieing here. In addition, Im not ready to be a systems admin on linux yet.

What does everyone think? Let me ponder on this one for a while.