I have a OES2 Linux (SLES 10 SP1) webserver.

Currently apache has it's root at /srv/www/htdocs

I have an nss volume at /media/nss/vol1 I have copied all of the files in /srv/www/htdocs to /media/nss/vol1/htdocs

If I try to change the root of apached to the new /media/nss/vol1/htdocs directory, apache sees the files but gives me a "forbidden" error.

I have also tried:

mv /srv/www/htdocs /srv/www/htdocs.old
ln -s /media/nss/vol1/htdocs /srv/www/htdocs

with the same results. Apache sees the files because I do not get a "not found" error, but I am forbidden.

Since this is an nss volume, all files are owned by root and chown wwwrun:www does not do anything.

How can I give apache the rights to read the files on an nss volume? Do I need to LUM enable the wwwrun user?