NSSMU started giving errors on creation of pools and trying to delete pools.
We have 5 or 6 large 2tb pools in our new cluster. They were created using NSSMU.
However, just recently errors are coming every time we try to create a new pool or delete a pool.
Searched and came up with the idea that maybe there is something wrong with the servername-admin that the system uses. However, our second node has the exact same problem! (two different users)

Trying to delete a pool called 'graham' shows this in the logs:

Looking through the /var/log/messages file shows:
Apr 24 21:58:21 Nloak01 multipathd: dm-28: add map (uevent)
Apr 24 21:58:22 Nloak01 adminus daemon[31251]: MNDS_DestroyPoolDSObjects: MNSS_GetPoolNDSName returned -765
Apr 24 21:58:22 Nloak01 adminus daemon[31251]: MNDS_RemoveObjectFromNDS: Error -601 resolving to \T=TOWN_OF_OAKVILLE\O=Oakville\Nloak01_GRAHAM_POOL

Tried a ndsrepair -U, everything looks OK to the untrained eye.

Any ideas?