Since the last month we have a problem with 3 of our Netware servers. The problem is that at a random time the filesystems become unavailable.

Users are complaining that they can't access a directory (always a different one) and in a nick of time the whole file system is inaccessible => explorer hangs on our windows clients.

I don't see anything wrong on the fileserver, everything works and I can do everything on the console. The only thing that is strange is that the CPU utilization is always around 37% in monitor (We have dual CPU servers => 75% on CPU0) and a server thread is very busy.

When we try to reboot the server, a dismount of the filesystem hangs. So we end up shutting down the server via debug mode.

We are here litteraly with our hands in our hair, can someone give us a clue where to look and how to prevent this from happening again.