I have installed GMS 2.03 for Linux on a vanilla, fully patched up SLES10
SP1 server. The server is only being tested currently (the few users that
use this in production are on the Windows server which I'm very keen to
get rid of). There is no firewalling between GMS and the GroupWise POA's.
The firewall protecting us from the Internet allows TCP ports 3102, 443
and 80 inbound to the GMS server (NAT'ed).

I have encountered the following problems ...

1) SMS push only seems to push when a new email arrives. However when
emails are deleted from the online mailbox this doesn't appear to get
pushed to the device. This might be by design, not sure why that would be

2) The Windows client installations appear to be badly broken in the
Linux version. We use two types of clients: Windows Mobile 2003 (e.g. O2
XDA) and Windows Smartphone (e.g. Motorola Q9h). When I log in to the IMS
web-site as the user and try and “Add Sync Device”, I then pick the type
of device as, e.g. “Pocket PC”. The documentation says that I should get
the option to download the client to a PC as well as the option to
install over the air but there is no option to download the client.

If I go to the URL https://mymobileserver.mydomain/install and follow the
prompts I can download a CAB file for the installations. I use ActiveSync
to copy this to the devices but on the Windows Mobile 2003 device when I
try to run the CAB file it says something along the lines of "This is not
a valid Windows CE cab file". The file is only 444kB (whereas the file
from the Windows GMS server is 1.8MB). If I download the Smartphone
client this is only 186kB whereas from the Windows server it was 2.4MB.
When I try and run the Smartphone CAB file on the Smartphone it comes up
with a password prompt really before it has done any significant
installation, whereas the install should do lots of "stuff", prompt for a
reboot and after the reboot my "Home View" should have changed to the
Intellisync view.

Has anyone else experienced these issues with client installations from
the Linux version of GMS? At the moment I am using the clients installed
from GMS 2.03 for Windows against a GMS 2.03 for Linux backend, but I'd
like the Linux server's clients fixed so that it easy to manage for the

Oh, I have uninstalled GMS and reinstalled it multiple times to no avail
and the MD5 sum of my download corresponds with that reported on the
Novell download web-site.