I am using the Novell Client for Windows Vista 1.0 against a Novell 6.5 server.

We lock the directories in the user's SHARED area with a DI and a RI, but every few months the managers clean up the old folders, so we open a cmd window and do the flag *.* -DI -RI /DO /S in that area.

I have recently had to upgrade to Vista to begin testing all of the corporate applications, and when I try to do that under Vista, I get the
"905: This utility was unable to initialize the country information." Error. The log in process works properly, and I have all the usual map drives.

The Novell is NOT the primary Gina - I log into the computer and AD first, and then right mouse click on the N in the system tray and log into Novell.

I have searched, but not found any solutions yet. Nor could I find a way to make iManager let me change the folder flags in a group and sub directories, so that isn't a workable solution either.

Any ideas other than keeping a XP box/VM handy?