Anyone out there using HP SIM 5.2? I just installed it, and before
installing it I removed the old version including uninstalling the old
copy of MSDE so that I could start fresh. My old database had all sorts
of junk in it. Now that I've got the new version installed, I'm seeing a
weird problem.

I've got three HP servers, all running SLES coincidentally, that show up
twice. They show up one time where the System Name is the serial number
of the server, there is no IP for System Address, and the Product Name is
the server model (e.g. ProLiant ML370 G3). Then they show up a second
time showing the name from internal DNS as the System Name, the IP shows
up under System Address, and there is nothing for the Product Name.
Weirder still is that the iLO in each of these servers is displayed as "in
Server [serial number]" so it's associating the entry for the server via
S/N instead of via name for the iLO. All three servers have HP management
agents installed. I thought maybe the problem was that they were running
older agents so I upgraded one of the servers to the 8.00 PSP hoping the
updated agents would fix the problem. It didn't. I can't figure out what
could be causing this.

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