GroupWise 7.0.1 we have recently implemented GMS and it is working great
on our primary PO. We are now trying to roll this out to a scondary PO.

We have just enabled SOAP on both our primary PO and secondary. Before
enabling SOAP, when logging in as a user from the secondary PO, we'd
simply get an "Authentication for <user> failed" message.

With SOAP enabled the users from the secondary PO seem to be recognized,
but the following error appears during login:

GroupWise Server: GroupWise Mailbox:

Your GroupWise "same user" account configuration is missing a Groupwise
Authentication Source.

Clicking the "Test Connection" button yeilds the same error, selecting
"Next" gives a "GroupWise server and/or mailbox not found or inaccessible"

Any ideas would be great.