I have a 5 Node Linux Cluster (OES2 64 bit) and try to cluster DNS. Documentation
is a little bit confusing for me. Some Paths are wrong (so they tell you
to copy dhcpd.conf to /media/nss/dhcp (or what ever your name is), but the
daemon locks to ..etc/var/novell/named.) I fixed these problems so far. But
still I get e permission error on Load (dhcpd.conf.include). And worse: I
cannot create the DNS Server Object:

For DNS I created a Cluster enabled Pool and installed DNS on 3 out of the
5 Nodes.

If I try to create the DNS Server Object, it will not do it giving me an
error that the list of the preferred node swould not be configured.
In DNS/DHCP Management Console it is the same (so no iManager Bug as it seems).
Here it is error E1009.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for your help