I'm having problems with GWAVA update.

Background: BM 3.9.1 on NW 6.5 sp7. GWAVA is running on an OES 2 Linux

From the server hosting GWAVA I can (using Firefox) browse to the web
locations housing the updates, so port 80 is open.

When BM firewall and Proxy with access rules enabled (there is an
exception for all three URL's listed for th eonline update for GWAVA), the
online update for GWAVA fails with the error message "Failed to retreive
version information: Resource does not exist".

When the firewall is off (unload ipflt) the error message is the same.

When access rules are disabled there is no change.

The only time I get something different is when both the firewall and the
proxy are unloaded (unload ipflt & unload proxy). Then I get an error
message "Download package checksum mismatch."

This GWAVA tech support also says is a firewall proxy server issue.

I need help troubleshooting this and constructing the correct filter