Hi, I am a Novell CNE6 (2003), and have been away from the Novell scene for a while. I run a small business now and have a customer who wants a small business server solution, and after looking at the features & costs decided to take a look at NOWS SBE / although a windows SBS server is still a possibility.

I have installed it on a stand alone PC/Server, and all looks like it should be running OK, however, my windows XP workstation will not log into the tree, and I can't run ConsoleOne from the machine either, or rather it cant see any tree.

On the server cosnole, I can only log on as 'root', none of the eDirectory user accounts seem to allow for a server console login, but once in as root, I can load up Console One, then log into the tree and do stuff!

The other thing I have no idea about is disk/volume management, how do you create volumes etc, when looking in console one, there are no volumes at all! How can i create volumes, folders etc? In fact, how is the thing working if there is no volume?

You probably have guessed by now I'm not a Linux whiz, mount points and stuiff are all new to me - in fact, I feel like I have to start over again! Can I still get Netware?