Was trying to estimate disk space in use on a Linux system, prior to migrating the data to Netware. Yes, I wrote that correctly.

Anyway, I have those volumes published via ncpserver (ncpcon) to see them on Windows.

When NW stats (NW client, via windows) told me the space in use was 7,805,748 KB, I was astonished. "Wow", I thinked, "That puppy sure has growed".

I then decided to look deeper. On Linux, du -ah "path" tells me the space used is much less. 733 KB for the domain and 657 MB for the PO. Much more in line with what I expected.

The volumes are published via ncpcon with "create volume VOL1 /path/to/domain" and "create volume VOL2 /path/to/domain"

From Windows, looking at NW stats, both volume objects show exactly the same space in use. Interestingly, the total disk space reported by du -ah (from root of mount) is 8.5 G, reasonably close to 7.8 GB, if my number juggling powers are astute.

So, is this a known issue? Did I do something wrong?