I'm trying to upgrade our environment here, so labbing it at the moment. Setup is as follows:

Win2003 server running AD, DNS and DHCP + GPO
NW 6.5 server running eDir
ZfD 4.01 IR5
Users both in AD and eDir (working at a hospital and we're running both)
Apps in their own OU, users and wkst objects in another, policys and servers in their own ou too, all parallell to eachother from root. Search policy setup towards the SYSTEM OU containing servers and policys as stated above.

When I try to upgrade this from a workstation (WinXP SP2, NWClient 4.91 SP3) logged in as Admin (supervisor from root, user is located at top level O=RH) the setup just hangs at close to the end of the progressbar (after you choose all you want to setup).

I've found out that if I kill the process javaw.exe it continues, but I really can't do this in my production environment. Tried from 2 different PCs with same result.

Any ideas?