I am looking for a solution to import workstations at different edir containers, because this containers have print policies and so every
workstation in this container get the correct printer.
At the moment I have one base container "workstations" (defined at server import policy) and after imaging all workstations are at this container,
I have to move them manually to the correct container (ex. workstations\room111).

Get a Base Image:
1.Base image on a workstation (install xp, all drivers,..)
2.sysprep, wich has a call to some batchfiles at next boot
4.PXE get image to a server location

Receive this base Image at a workstation
PXE send image to the workstation
1.boot auto, Hw restore
2.boot auto, pc get a speaking name from wsname (pcname.txt)
3.boot auto, remove autologon and import workstationname to the basic container "workstation"
4. ready to go , but printer is at this time not loaded.

To get a speaking pcname I use wsname during the imaging process,this is a nice free software tool.
So I thought maybe that is possible to have a textfile like "pcname.txt"
With this textfile wich is used from wsname the pcname.txt will be read during the imaging process
and all pcs with there macadress and the speaking name are in there.

So if I had such a file with macadress and the right context of the container
ex: 00A1B2C1001A=room111.workstations.user.demo
and zwsreg would be possible to read this info during the import process, no manually work would be necessary.

Any suggestions ?