Hello everyone:
We have a crisis that I need to get advice on. I am familiar with different methods of DR but this one involves such a touchy config I wanted to be sure of the steps to follow FIRST before making any changes. I will check the boards before I committ & would rather the system be down an extra day.
I have an IBM e346 server with a Serveraid-7k controller. On this system are three 73G drives set in a raid5 and one that was in a raid0 (yes, I inhereted this setup and actually didn't know about it until just recently!). Of course its the raid0 that was going to defunct status. The drives were set into two pools: SYS & DATA. Of course the NW65SP7 SYS volume was entirely on the SYS pool, which is on the now defunct drive. IBM is shipping out a replacement due tomorrow morning.
General network layout is as follows: 4 main servers: HS, MS, E1, E2. Master replica is on HS, r/w on MS & E1. HS is of course the one that died. The DATA pool is in good shape other than not being mountable.

I need to know exactly how to repair this server. I assume I will need to turn the MS R/w to a master replica, then install netware to the replacement drive. But what work do I do to the tree first? What options to I select during the install? Do I have to get rid of any objects in the NDS tree first, such as the server, etc? Is there a way to rebuild the NDPS config from the NDS tree once the server is back up? Last across the wire I did left me with no NDPS Netware gateway option in the config of a new printer on the server, but imanager had it. What is the best way to basically have this server get its sys volume reinstalled from scratch but have it able to take the role of the original server back and allow access to the data volumes?

I am sure I am forgetting important steps here, but I think its obvious what I want to do..... And unfortunately being in educational settings means I need to do it quickly and with little or no cost!