We just installed on a brand-new server (it's actually our 2nd server, but the first one was just for learning and messing around) and are running Everything appears to be fine on the server end, but none of the agents on the clients will register with the server. The thing is, we don't think it's the clients.

W2k3 server, XP clients. The clients can get to the server just fine (PING, nslookup, login to ZCM via IE etc etc), log file even shows "Found host: <IP>".

However, all over the logs we have at the end of many lines, "Status: Bad"

The only major difference we know of with this server compared to our first one is that now we're using an external SQL db instead of the local datastore. But that shouldn't affect registration, right?! One other thing was that many (if not all) of the ZENworks services on the server were logging with that odd username (__z_9__ something like that), so we switched them all to use the Local System like our first server was doing. But that didn't appear to make any difference whatsoever. Even when downloading the full agent install from the server after making these changes and installing it on a fresh client.

Also, for what it's worth, the agent on the server logs in just fine.

The client agents all show (in their Properties):

ZENworks Adaptive Agent Properties:
Device Name: Unavailable
Last Contact with Server: <correct date and time>

ZENworks Server Properties:
Management Zone: Unavailable
Server DNS: Unavailable
Server Address: Unavailable

And here are some of the log errors that we know are wrong (just let me know if I should include more log information):

[Connectman] Found host: <server>, status: Bad
[Connectman] Found host: <server IP>, status: Bad
[RegistrationManager] [] [Unable to read the osTargets.xml file from any server.

Suffice to say we cannot get any bundles, policies, etc., to deploy. Any suggestions?

Thanks, much appreciated!