Inherited a tablet PC from co-worker who had lots of extra software loaded on it. While removing software, I removed something that stored all his password for ebay and home banking etc.

Before I did that, when I booted the machine, I would get a Novell login screen with the option to use "Workstation Only". Now, I get the Windows XP logon prompt, followed a minute later by the Novell login screen without the "Workstation Only" checkbox.

I have been trying to undo my mistake here for a few hours and have gone in and check all the Advanced Login options to make sure "Initial Login" and "Workstation Only" are both set to "On". I even dug down into the registry to see if the keys were there, and they were, with the correct values.

Am I just hitting a non-administrator wall? I am the admin on the machine, but not of our company network.

What could be making Novell ignore those settings?

(not a cross-posting...Sysop in the other forum asked me to move this.)