I have a main server Netware 6.5 running Groupwise webaccess and another
server running Bordermanager 3.7. What I am trying to do is setup DNS so
that users inside the network can use the same address for webaccess as
those outside the network. Great for laptop users. My problem is that
when I configure this it prevents access to the schools website which is
hosted off site. I did enter the ipaddress for the external WWW site
into the internal DNS server. The hoster apparently is using dynamic
DNS, I believe, more than one site is hosted from that ipaddress.
Strangely, other multi-homed sites work just fine. I am wondering if
part of that issue is that both use the same domain, school.org for
example. One is www.school.org and one is webaccess.school.org. The
other strange thing I ran into is that if I choose the, do not use the
proxy for internal addresses, option then I can't access webaccess
internally using the domain name I setup. Works fine if I don't select
that option. I setup the Bordermanager/proxy server to use the internal
DNS server and I configured DHCP to give all the computers that internal
DNS server as well. Really don't know why the proxy server should be
interfering with access to the internal website unless it takes control
of all traffic regardless. Any ideas?