Netware 6.5.5
NSS volume
| We have a folder that houses an application and this folder is located
| in a shared folder that an entire department has full rights (less
| supervisor and access control) to. This creates a big problem when
| someone recklessly drags and drops the program folder to somewhere else.
| As an idea for remedying this situation and not wanting the hassle of
| relocating the application unnecessarily, I thought possibly I could
| handle it with a filter that removes file scan rights to the application
| folder. However, the effect seems to be the following when logged in as
| a departmental user:
| 1. I still can still see the application folder at which the filter was
| applied, and its contents (subfolders).
| 2. The filter only seems to block display of files. Subfolders are
| still displayed.
| I was hoping the effect would be to remove visibility of the program
| folder and all its contents, while permitting the software to find its
| way since it knows stuff is there without needing to browse to find it.
| Is this possible?