I was over reading the GWIM support forum and it got me to thinking.
What, if any, do people use for IM in the corporate world?

I've been looking at Jabber and Openfire IM for our in office IM and
possibly limited outside IM, but the one feature I must have (here's
where the system tyrant name comes in) is logging. Openfire has it, but
you have to pay extra for it and frankly I'm all about free and open
source at the moment (mainly because licensing fee's are eating up my

Logging for me is a must have for corporate IM. The main reason is
because IM can be abused by employee's (as I can attest to in running
just a trial run with limited number of employees). I will not have
them using company resources to bad mouth other employee's.

I think IM is a great office tool, but not if it's abused.

I know GWIM probably has logging, but frankly from reading the support
forum it's sounding like Novell doesn't much care about it anymore.
Matthew - The Great System Tyrant